These aren’t books to teach you how to world-build. I assume you already have an incredible world in your head that you’re just dying to get out.

This series of books is to help you recall the terminology you need to make your world sound real.

To understand the scientific principles and concepts that will enrich the reader experience.

To help you weave alien physiology, technology, and culture with their home planet’s resources.

You get highly simplified, easy-to-grasp concepts you didn’t learn in high school.

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AstroFiction on iPad

AstroFiction is available directly from my store and Amazon.

Print edition recommended, mainly because it is formatted to break concepts into specific pages. However, it works just fine on e-readers as well.

BioFiction coming soon – a field guide to all the biology you need to create awesome creatures and environments.

RoboFiction coming soon – a manual for all the technology your people need in their world, from portals to crypto to AI-powered robots.