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Covers for "Legacy" and "Airlock 9" short stories.

The Saxen Saga is an action-adventure in the farthest reaches of our own galaxy, in the distant future, when warlords and empires rule the heavens.

About Me

Hi, glad to meet you.

I’m a former technology & entertainment production manager who worked for or with companies like Disney, Hasbro, Acura, Sony Playstation, Health Net, and more.

Then I got bored, and I was somehow lassoed into teaching. I taught grades 5-12 for the next ten years, mostly science and math. We sent multiple experiments to the International Space Station, among other things. Not your typical science classes!

The truth is, I love engineering. I love technology. I love math. I love writing! And I really, really love science. My childhood watching sci-fi television shows in the 70s and 80s, from The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman to Star Trek: The Next Generation and so much more, turned me into a hard-core nerd, that’s for sure. I saw Star Wars in 1977 at the age of six, so I was destined to become a stormtrooper—I’ve been in the 501st Legion for over twelve years. (Rebel Legion too!)

Lately I’ve turned my teaching and science passions into helping other authors create rich and exciting worlds in their books. I also have been editing books, from romance to nonfiction, but my love will always be with sci-fi and fantasy where action and adventure abound and characters are deeply immersed in realistic, detailed worlds.

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