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Ingrid Moon

Writing action-adventure stories in science fiction, fantasy, and historical settings… also crafting science guides for world-building.

Ingrid Moon is an author, educator, and scientist, among other things. Early indoctrination into science and speculative fiction led her to pursue science and technology as a career. She lives in Los Angeles with her family and many, many (too many) cats, pigs, and squirrels.

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A young commander undermines a warlord’s conquest to free himself and a girl he barely knows.

For science fiction and space opera fans everywhere, The Handler’s Gambit is a thrill ride across the galaxy. Join Cmd. Boone, a tactical prodigy, as he plans his escape from—and then takes on—the Saxen warlord who employs him. Ride along with Elyon, a reckless teenage assassin with elemental powers, as she rampages across the galaxy in an attempt to kill the warlord. And as you can expect in an action-adventure, you’ll find heart-felt drama, unlikely allies, epic space battles, and the indomitable human spirit.

— Reedsy Discovery

Coming April 15The Warrior’s Shade: Saxen Saga – Book 2

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A Worldbuilder’s Reference for Science Fiction and Fantasy

All the science, none of the fluff! You don’t need to be told how to create worlds and aliens and magic. You just need some inspiration from astrophysics and astrobiology!

Like what happens to your character’s body if you expose them to the vacuum of space? Why do planets have different gravity, and how does that affect the aliens that would evolve there?

Vocabulary, Concepts, Diagrams, Relationships, and everything you need to bring your amazing ideas to life.

“This book should be in every school.”

— my dad

Coming soon: BioFiction and RoboFiction, two great new resources!

The web site ( is still under construction, but the app (designed by me) is available on Apple Store and Google Play.