The Saxen Saga

“One of the best

space opera stories

I’ve read all year.”

P. Deka (from Reader’s Favorite)
on The Handler’s Gambit

A Thrill Ride Across the Galaxy

The Saxen Saga takes place in the Milky Way galaxy approximately 12,000 years from now. There are no aliens and very few habitable worlds, but humanity has adapted to living in space and on strange planets both culturally and genetically.

Among the new type of human is the Saxen race. With an ancestry of genetic alteration by virus, Saxen have developed the ability to harness and control molecular and wave physics: gravity, fire, electromagnetism, light, and water.

Many Saxen have abused their power, and the majority of humankind despises and abhors them. Some fight for survival, some fight for their rights, and some fight for power in the distant quadrant called the Penumbra.

Where To Get Your Copies

The Handler's Gambit cover

Book 1

The Handler’s Gambit

Our hero finds freedom in the rivalry between two Saxen warlords while handling a Saxen assassin.

The Warrior's Shade cover

Book 2

The Warrior’s Shade

Our hero struggles to maintain his freedom while preventing a WMD from falling into the wrong hands.

Book 3

The Tempest’s Fury

The Saxen assassin takes the lead to prevent a civil war from spreading throughout the galaxy.

Short Story

“Airlock 9”

Before Book 1, our hero realizes being trapped in the warlord’s fleet might be a horror worse than death.

Short Story


Between Books 1 and 2, our hero makes a name for himself extracting artifacts and uncovering plots.

And More!

So much bonus material, new stories, an interactive map, character dossiers, and more!

Immerse Yourself in
The Handler’s Gambit

If you love Firefly, Ender’s Game, Dune, and/or Star Wars, you’ll find the action, adventure, intrigue, twists, and incredible worldbuilding you crave.

If you love epic space battles, rivalry, planetary adventures, enemies-to-friends, reckless assassins, daring pilots, and galactic empires, you’ll love The Handler’s Gambit and The Saxen Saga.

5-Stars by Readers Favorite reviewers!

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