Science & Fantasy Brought to Life

A second edition containing just about every fact you have ever wanted to know about the cosmos and our place in it, from how we get around to how to survive in space.

  • How many types of galaxies are there, and what would happen if we lived in an elliptical one?
  • What are the foundations of life that would give rise to aliens and sentience on other planets?
  • What is the science behind different types of FTL travel?

This reference guide has all the science from astrophysics to astrobiology at your fingertips.

A handy reference book with two parts: general biology for scientific worldbuilding, and references for common questions about biological functions.

  • How much blood does a human have, and how much can they lose before they die?
  • How would a virus interact with the human body to animate a corpse?
  • How do genetics and natural selection lead to heinous monsters and weird aliens?

All these questions and many more are answered in this “field guide” to life.

Everything you need to know about modern and future technology, its ancient, fantasy origins, connections to magic, and impact on societies and culture.

  • How can AI systems ascend to positions of ultimate authority, revered as deities or ruling with absolute power?
  • How might genetically modified fantasy races affect issues of identity and autonomy in a society?
  • Will robots ever rule over us?

From blockchains to nanotech to quantum entanglement, this “manual” has it all.

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